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Here we post publications that are relevant to members of the Permafrost Carbon Network, however, the list is not complete.

2022 (this list is not complete)

Abbott BW, Brown M, Carey JC, Ernakovich J, Frederick JM, Guo L, Hugelius G, Lee RM, Loranty MM, Macdonald R, Mann PJ, Natali SM, Olefeldt D, Pearson P, Rec A, Robards M, Salmon VG, Sayedi SS, Schädel C, Schuur EAG, Shakil S, Shogren AJ, Strauss J, Tank SE, Thornton BF, Treharne R, Turetsky M, Voigt C, Wright N, Yang Y, Zarnetske JP, Zhang Q and Zolkos S 2022 We Must Stop Fossil Fuel Emissions to Protect Permafrost Ecosystems Frontiers in Environmental Science:

Boike J, Chadburn S, Martin J, Zwieback S, Althuizen I H J, Anselm N, Cai L, Coulombe S, Lee H, Liljedahl A K, Schneebeli M, Sjöberg Y, Smith N, Smith S L, Streletskiy D A, Stuenzi S M, Westermann S and Wilcox E J 2022 Standardized monitoring of permafrost thaw: a user-friendly, multiparameter protocol Arctic Science 8 153–82

Burke E, Chadburn S and Huntingford C 2022 Thawing Permafrost as a Nitrogen Fertiliser: Implications for Climate Feedbacks Nitrogen 3 353–75

Castro-Morales K, Canning A, Körtzinger A, Göckede M, Küsel K, Overholt WA, Wichard T, Redlich S, Arzberger S, Kolle O and Zimov N 2022 Effects of Reversal of Water Flow in an Arctic Floodplain River on Fluvial Emissions of CO2 and CH4 Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 127 e2021JG006485

Ernakovich JG, Barbato RA, Rich VI, Schädel C, Hewitt RE, Doherty SJ, Whalen ED, Abbott BW, Barta J, Biasi C, Chabot CL, Hultman J, Knoblauch C, Vetter MCY L, Leewis M-C, Liebner S, Mackelprang R, Onstott TC, Richter A, Schütte UME, Siljanen HMP, Taş N, Timling I, Vishnivetskaya TA, Waldrop MP and Winkel M Microbiome assembly in thawing permafrost and its feedbacks to climate Global Change Biology 2022:

Farquharson LM, Romanovsky VE, Kholodov A and Nicolsky D 2022 Sub-aerial talik formation observed across the discontinuous permafrost zone of Alaska Nat. Geosci. 1–7

Holmes ME, Crill PM, Burnett WC, McCalley CK, Wilson RM, Frolking S, Chang K-Y, Riley WJ, Varner RK, Hodgkins SB, Coordinators IP, Team IF, McNichol AP, Saleska SR, Rich VI and Chanton JP 2022 Carbon Accumulation, Flux, and Fate in Stordalen Mire, a Permafrost Peatland in Transition Global Biogeochemical Cycles 36 e2021GB007113

Jones BM, Grosse G, Farquharson LM, Roy-Léveillée P, Veremeeva A, Kanevskiy MZ, Gaglioti BV, Breen AL, Parsekian AD, Ulrich M, and Hinkel KM. 2022. Lake and drained lake basin systems in lowland permafrost regions. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 3 85-98.

Li Q, Liu Y, Kou D, Peng Y and Yang Y. 2022. Substantial non‐growing season carbon dioxide loss across Tibetan alpine permafrost region. Global Change Biology, 28 5200-5210.

Miner KR, Turetsky MR, Malina E, Bartsch A, Tamminen J, McGuire AD, Fix A, Sweeney C, Elder CD and Miller CE 2022 Permafrost carbon emissions in a changing Arctic Nat Rev Earth Environ 3 55–67

Pedron SA, Welker JM., Euskirchen ES., Klein ES, Walker JC, Xu X and Czimczik CI. Closing the winter gap – Year-round measurements of soil CO2 emission sources in Arctic tundra Geophysical Research Letters 2022 e2021GL097347

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Straus J, Biasi C, Sanders T, Abbott BW, von Deimling TS, Voigt C, Winkel M, Marushchak ME, Kou D, Fuchs M, Horn MA, Jongejans LL, Liebner S, Nitzbon J, Schirrmeister L, Anthony KW, Yang Y, Zubrzyscki S, Laboor S, Treat C, and Grosse G. 2022. A globally relevant stock of soil nitrogen in the Yedoma permafrost domain. Nature Communications 13 6074.

Varner RK, Crill PM, Frolking S, McCalley CK, Burke SA, Chanton JP, Holmes ME, null  null, Saleska S and Palace MW 2022 Permafrost thaw driven changes in hydrology and vegetation cover increase trace gas emissions and climate forcing in Stordalen Mire from 1970 to 2014 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 380 20210022

Virkkala A-M, Natali SM, Rogers BM, Watts JD, Savage K, Connon SJ, Mauritz M, Schuur EAG, Peter D, Minions C, Nojeim J, Commane R, Emmerton CA, Goeckede M, Helbig M, Holl D, Iwata H, Kobayashi H, Kolari P, López-Blanco E, Marushchak ME, Mastepanov M, Merbold L, Parmentier F-J W, Peichl M, Sachs T, Sonnentag O, Ueyama M, Voigt C, Aurela M, Boike J, Celis G, Chae N, Christensen TR, Bret-Harte MS, Dengel S, Dolman H, Edgar CW, Elberling B, Euskirchen E, Grelle A, Hatakka J, Humphreys E, Järveoja J, Kotani A, Kutzbach L, Laurila T, Lohila A, Mammarella I, Matsuura Y, Meyer G, Nilsson MB, Oberbauer SF, Park S-J, Petrov R, Prokushkin AS, Schulze C, St. Louis VL, Tuittila E-S, Tuovinen J-P, Quinton W, Varlagin A, Zona D and Zyryanov VI 2022 The ABCflux database: Arctic–boreal CO2 flux observations and ancillary information aggregated to monthly time steps across terrestrial ecosystems Earth System Science Data 14 179–208


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Marushchak ME, Kerttula J, Diáková K, Faguet A, Gil J, Grosse G, Knoblauch C, Lashchinskiy N, Martikainen PJ, Morgenstern A, Nykamb M, Ronkainen JG, Siljanen HMP, van Delden L, Voigt C, Zimov N, Zimov S and Biasi C 2021 Thawing Yedoma permafrost is a neglected nitrous oxide source Nat Commun 12 7107

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Monhonval A, Mauclet E, Pereira B, Vandeuren A, Strauss J, Grosse G, Schirrmeister L, Fuchs M, Kuhry P and Opfergelt S 2021 Mineral Element Stocks in the Yedoma Domain: A Novel Method Applied to Ice-Rich Permafrost Regions Frontiers in Earth Science 9 773

Moon TA, Druckenmiller ML and Thoman RL 2021 Arctic Report Card 2021

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